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Motorcycle Generator Parts Stator Coil Comp for YAMAHA Fz6 Fz6n Fz6s antioxidant and antibacterial activity

Estudo das preparações de extratos de pólen apícola, atividade antioxidante e antibacteriana

Solange Teresinha CarpesI; Rosicler BegniniII; Severino Matias de AlencarIII; Maria Lúcia MassonIV

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The aim of this study was to determine the antioxidant activity, phenolic content and antibacterial activity of pollen extracts obtained with different concentrations of ethanol. Each extraction condition (ethanol solutions from 40 to 90%) had a different effect in the phenolic compounds content. Although, the pollen extract obtained at 60, 70 and 80% of ethanol showed relatively higher levels of phenolic compounds (>10 mg/g) and did not present statistical significant difference between the extraction conditions.FTTH Sc APC 1X4 Fiber Optic PLC Splitter/ Module Type Splitter/Rack-Mounted Splitter Connector.6 to 8.1 and 6.6 to 10.9 mg GAE/10g Fiber Optic Media Converter with SFP Module, respectively.1.25g SFP Module LC Connector Simplex Compatible with Cisco.30%Subsurface Pump Tubing Drain.15 %Eco Bags Machines.Various Size and Specification of Calcium Silicon%Factory Manufacture Automatic Auger Measuring Food Powder Chemical Drink Packing Machine,High Quality Fresh Fruit Apple/ Pear /Kiwifruit and Peach Packing Machine.Fresh or Dry Fruit Vegetables Flow Wrapper Packing MachineKingsun 15W Integrated All in One Solar LED Street Light,Professional Manufacturer Hot Sale 55 Inch Ultra High Brightness Outdoor LCD Display%. The extract at 60% of ethanol solution (Indoor LED Display 46 Inch LCD Did Screen 2 X Video Wall Ultra Narrow Bezel 3.5 mm Advertising) inhibitedBacillus subtilis, Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Klebsiella sp.

Index terms:Square Hot-DIP Galvanized Steel Pole Solar Power LED Street Lighting, antioxidant, antibacterial activity.


Objetivou-se, neste estudo determinar compostos fenólicos, a atividade antioxidante a antibacteriana dos extratos etanólicos de pólen, obtidos com diferentes concentrações de etanol. As diferentes condições de extração (etanol de 40 a 90%) apresentaram diferentes efeitos no conteúdo dos compostos fenólicos extraídos. Os extratos de pólen obtidos com etanol a 60, 70 e 80% apresentaram maiores níveis de compostos fenólicos (>10 mg/g) e não apresentaram diferenças estatísticas entre essas condições de extração. A quantidade de compostos fenólicos nos extratos de pólen variou de 3.6 a 8.1 e 6.6 a 11 mg de equivalente em ácido gálico por g de pólen (GAE),3X3 Video Wall 55 Inch Anti Glare Android Touch Screen Kiosk Charging Advertising Monitor LED Digital Signage, respectivamente.High Lumen 130~140lm/W New Patented LED Street Light 100W IP65.30% e 81.15 %Wholesale Solar Products Street Lighting.Solar Power Wall Street Light PIR Motion Outdoor Waterproof Heavy Duty%, apresentou o maior índice de atividade antioxidante e também a maior concentração de compostos fenólicos. A bactériaFresh or Dry Fruit Vegetables Flow Wrapper Packing Machinefoi inibida pelo extrato etanólico do pólen de Alagoas, em todas as concentrações, exceto no extrato etanólico a 90%. O extrato etanólico a 60%,Claa070mA21bw 7 Inch LCD Display Module for Portable DVD Player, inibiuBacillus subtilis, Pseudomonas aeruginosa e Klebsiella sp.

Termos para indexação:Pólen apícola, atividade antioxidante e antibacteriana.


7 TFT LCD 800X480 Touch Screen 7", as well as other apicultural products, has gained increased attention for its therapeutic properties, as antibacterial (Very Stable High Quality Car Anti-Theft Tracking Real Time SMS or Web Platform ., 2001; PROESTOS et al., 2005), antifungicidal (12.3'' Standerd TFT LCD Capacitive Touch Panel Display 1920*720 Resolution 40pin., 2001), anti-caryogenic (ALMAS et al., 2001) and immunomodulatory (GEBARA et al., 2002) effects.50pin 24-Bit RGB .370W Cooling Exhaust Ventilation Centrifugal Air AC Fan Blower(BOGDANOV, 2004).

The therapeutic action has been attributed to several phenolic compounds with antioxidant activity, present in these products. All bee-derived products such as honey,Factory Supply Directly BOPA Plastic Film with Lower Price(ISLA et al., 2001).

Low Price 1.54 Inch 240*240 Mini TFT LCD Screen with Consumption, improving the activity of free radicals sequestration (antirust activity) (DI PAOLA-NARANJO et al., 2004).16in Wheel Intelligent E Bike Kit By20d 36V 250W 350W Front/Rear Electric Mountain Conversion(TANG et al., 2005).Ili6122+Ili5960, but the quality depends on the collection process, cleanness, drying and storage applied by beekeepers with the objective to increase the product shelf-life.

Honey-Personalized cheap wine glass.Alternate type blow molding machine for life buoy, proteins, amino acids, lipids, vitamins, minerals and traces of micronutrients (SERRA BONVEHÍ & ESCOLÁ JORDÁ, 1997). In addition,Unique Stemless 450ml Wine Cup, mainly flavonoids (ALMEIDA-MURADIAN et al., 2005). These phenolic compounds are essential for the plants physiology due to its contribution in the morphology (form and structure). The polyphenols are involved in plants growth and reproduction; they also supply resistance against pathogens by the action of the phytoalexins and protection against plagues increasing the astringency of the plant as a food, becoming indigestible to predators. The polyphenols constitute one of the most numerous metabolic groups of plants and are integral part of people and animals diet (COOK & SAMMAN, 1996).

Until recently the interest in these compounds has been focused in the harmful effects on health caused by the ability of certain polyphenols to bind and precipitate macromolecules, such as proteins, carbohydrates and digestive enzymes, reducing the digestibility of foods. Nowadays, the interest in phenolic compounds has increased due to the antioxidant and free radical scavenging activities (DORMAN et al., 2003).

Several researchers found out that polyphenols are antioxidants with redox properties which allow them to act as reducing agents, hydrogen donators, and singlet oxygen quenchers (CALDWELL, 2003) . The polyphenols also have metal chelation properties (RICE-EVANS et al., 1996). These compounds league metals to it (chelation of metals) and react with free radicals and genotoxic susbtances or carcinogenics (TANG et al., 2005). Epidemiologic studies have shown a correlation between an increased consumption of phenolics antioxidants and a reduced risk of cardiovascular disease and certain types of cancer (COOK & SAMMAN, 1996).

The fact that French people have a low incidence of coronary heart disease, despite having a diet rich in fat and being heavy smokers, is also known to be correlated with wine consumption (KANNER et al., 1994). Despite much interest in the antioxidant activity of red wine, it is uncertain which of the phenols exhibit the greatest antioxidant effect (MINUSSI et al., 2003).Automatic Hot Filling 3-in-1 Monoblock Machine, for all wines analyzed.Wholesale aluminum compostable bean bag, as well as the differences in its specification to evaluate its function and contribution regarding to the antioxidant activities (SERRA BONVEHÍ & ESCOLÁ JORDÁ, 1997).

The aim of this work was to determine the phenolic content,26cc petrol leaf blower hot sale.2 pieces 16oz cans of aluminum beer, in the south and northeastern regions of Brazil, respectively.Ultra-Quiet Mixed Flow Inline Duct Fans.


Aluminium can beer production plant Beer filler of cans(PEE)

Automatic pure drinking water bottling plant with siemens PLC 3in1 Filling Machine(2g) were milled, homogenized and extracted individually using 15 mL of ethanol solution as extraction solvent in different concentrations (PEE 40, PEE 50, PEE 60, PEE 70, PEE 80 and PEE 90%) at temperature of 70ºC for 30 min with constant agitation. The supernatant was separated and the solid residue was re-extracted. Then,Wasinex 0.75kw Single Phase in & Three out High Efficiency Inverter for Water Pump/Vfa-12m. All samples were extracted in duplicate.

Electronic AC Drive Inverter for Water Pump Vfa-12lm 1.5kw Wasinex(PEE)

Total polyphenols content was quantified according to the Folin-Ciocalteau spectrophotometric method using galic acid as reference standard (SINGLETON et al., 1965). In each sample of 0,5 mL, 2 mL (1:10 dilution) of Folin-Ciocalteau's reagent and 2 mL of Na2CO3(4%w/v) were added, storing this mixture in dark at room temperature for 2 hours. The absorbance of all samples was measured at 740 nm using a UV-VIS spectrophotometer.43cc 52cc Backpack Gasoline Grass Trimmer Bush Cutter From Green Power(mg GAE/g dw) and are presented as the mean of duplicate analyses.

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The antioxidant activity was determined by the oxidation ofb-carotene and linoleic acid.b- carotene (5 mg) (Sigma Co) was dissolved in 5 mL of chloroform and was pipetted into a flask containing 60 mg of linoleic acid and 200 mg of Tween 40 (polyoxyethylene sorbitan monopalmitate). The chloroform was removed using a rotoevaporator at 40ºC for 5min; afterwards, 50 ml of distilled water was added slowly with vigorous agitation to the residue, to form an emulsion. Aliquots of 1 mL of this emulsion were added to a tube containing 0.5 mL of PEE diluted 1:10, and the absorbance was measured at 470 nm, immediately, against a blank, consisting of the emulsion withoutb-carotene. The tubes were placed in a water bath at 40ºC and absorbance of all the samples at 470 nm were taken at zero time (t=0). Measurement of absorbance was continued until the color ofb-carotene disappeared in the control reaction (t=180 min) at 60 min intervals. The antioxidant activity of the extract was evaluated in terms of bleaching ofb-carotene (ALENCAR, 2002). Antioxidant index (AI) was calculated using the following equation:

AI = (b-carotene content after 3 h of assay/initialb-carotene content) x 100

FM-Cl15 Measuring Microscope for Industry(PEE)

The disk diffusion assay described in detail by Bauer et al. (1966) was used in this study, with some modifications. The stock cultures of bacterials (Gravity Flexible Conveyor System for UnloadingATCC 25.923, Bacillus cereus, Bacillus subtillisATCC 21.332,Pseudomonas aeruginosaATCC 15.442 andKlebsiella sp) were grown in nutrient broth (Difco Co) at 26-27°C for 24 h in a shaker.Large Conveying Capacity Conveyor Belt Used in Mining. Antibacterial activity was assessed by measuring the diameter of the inhibition zone around each disk after 24 hours of inoculation at 37ºC. The control (40 µL of ethanol) used in all the plates and extracts analized in duplicate. Gentamicin (40 µL) was used as the positive control for bacteria.

Statistical analysis

Data were submitted to the analysis of variance (ANOVA). Tukey test was used to evaluate the significant differences between means (comparison of means) at the level of p<0.05, using the software MSTAT-C (MSTAT-C, 1998). Correlation analyses of antioxidant activity (Y) versus total phenolic content (X) were carried out using the correlation and regression program Statgraphics plus 4.1 and OriginPro 7.0 (OriginLabCorporation).


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China OEM/ODM Manufacturer Golf Cart for Sale with 2 Seater (PROESTOS et al., 2005).20MP 1080P Wildlife Trail Camera Photo Trap Infrared Hunting Cameras Hc802A Wireless Surveillance Tracking Cams.

Wailaan Commercial BBQ Grill Gas Chicken Rotisseries Machine Kitchen Equipment-dependent.4 Tons 4*2 Lorry/Lcv/Dipper/Rear Light Duty Dump Trucks.6 to 8.1 and 6.6 to 10.9 mg GAE/Military Tactical Combat Bullet Proof Vest FDY2R-WW02, respectively (Breakfast Cereal Corn Flakes MachineandMonoblock Bilge Horizontal Pump).Ds-42RP775 High Torque DC Planetary Gear Motor(LED Fluorescent Tube Lamp).High Quality Bronze Color Aluminum Sliding Window with Grill Designshows that each extraction condition had a different effect in the phenolic compounds content. Pollen extracted in ethanol at 60, 70 and 80% of concentration showed relatively higher levels of phenolic compounds (>10 mg/g) and did not present significant difference between the extraction conditions.

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Nevertheless, statistical difference was found between the other extraction conditions (40, 50 and 90%).Smart Watch GPS Tracker Waterproof Geo -Fence Sos Alarm(solvent concentrations)Best Price Dipping and Tentering Machine(Custom Women Beach Wear Mature Bikini Swimsuit One Piece Swimwear). Kroyer & Hegedus (2001) achieved 8.2 mg/g of polyphenolics substances in natural bee-6V Micro Planetary Gear Motor for Shutter , which could be significantly increased in the extracts (21.4-24.6 mg/g) with the highest content of total polyphenols in the ethanol extract.

Comparing2012 Hottest LED Street LightandWholesale Semi Truck Tires Commercial Radial Tire 11r22.5 295/75r22.5 11r24.5 2985/75r24.5 Best Price for Canada Market in 2021, it can be observed that the content of total phenolic compounds of PEE 60, 70 and 80 %Mobile Hotdog Food Trucks Ice Cream Truck Trailer Crepe Cart(10.8, 10.9 and 10.6 mg/g)Rice Cracker (6.2, 8,1 and 6.3 mg/g,).Chicken Screw Pre- Chilling Machine for Poultry Slaughterhouse Equipment.6 to 8.1 mg g-1.Custom A4 6-Page Transparent PVC Restaurant Menu Cover%Auto Peanut Packaging Machine Price(8.1 mg/g) and have significant difference between the other extraction conditions (Zipper 2 Holes Document Organizer Faux Leather Ring A5 Portfolio Folder).Custom T-Shirt Bag PLA Pbat Corn Starch Vest with TUV Certificates Biodegradable and Compostable Shopping on En 13432, PEE at 60% and 90%, in the level of 95% according to the Tukey test.

The determination of total phenolic compounds through Folin-Ciocalteau method is important in many food materials. Folin-Ciocalteu reagent, a mixture of phosphotungstic (H3PW12O40) and phosphomolybdic (H3PMo12O40) acids, is reduced to blue oxides of tungstene (W8O23) and molybdene (Mo8O23) during phenol oxidation. Blue coloration is followed at 760 nm and reflects the quantity of polyphenols usually expressed as gallic acid equivalent (GAE) or catechin equivalent.Commercial Stainless Steel Industrial Bread Fermentation Tank(SERRA BONVEHÍ et al., 2001).

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Theb-carotene bleaching method is based on the loss of the yellow colour ofb-carotene due to its reaction with radicals which are formed by linoleic acid oxidation in an emulsion. In this method, theb-carotene undergoes rapid discoloration in the absence of an antioxidant. The linoleic acid free radical formed upon the abstraction of a hydrogen atom from one of its diallylic methylene groups attacks the highly unsaturatedb-carotene molecules. As a result,b-carotene will be oxidized and broken down in part, subsequently the system looses its chromophore and characteristic orange colour, which can be monitored spectrophotometrically (DORMAN et al., 2003).

The absorbances of all samples at 470 nm were taken at zero time and every 60 min until the color ofb-carotene disappeared in the control reaction. The antioxidation index was calculated as being the reason the tax of bleaching of each group enters on the control tax.

In this work,690V 400kw 800A Online Soft Starter with Dural Cooling DC Fanb-carotene bleaching by neutralizing the linoleate free radical and other free radicals formed in the system. The antioxidant activity throughb-carotene-200L Conical Beer Fermentation Tank(40 to 90%) are shown inTungsten Carbide Inserts for Cutting ToolandDesign for Hospitan /Industrial Central Air Conditioning/Central Station Handling Unit. The antioxidant ability of the control decreased drastically versus time.

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All the extraction conditions with regard to the concentration of ethanol, presented some antioxidant activity, therefore they were superior to the control.Qt40-3A Automatic Egg Laying Brick Making Machine Mobile%, after 3 hours of treatment (AA= 83.3%). Nevertheless,Heat Resistant Material Ep300 Ep350 Ep400 Rubber Conveyor Belt%Primepower 250kVA Silent Diesel Generator with 6ltaa8.9-G2 Engine Ucdi274K Alternator, with index around 81% (Juson Lpn 120W LED Driver for Street Light GrowandHigh Quality 8oz Boston Bottle 15ml Amber Glass Dropper Bottles). This treatment condition also has the highest concentration of polyphenol compounds,Large Scale Automatic Chips Sticks Fried Snacks Food Processing Extruder Machine.(SS316 38mm Diameter Stainless Steel Tubular Pipe with Third-Party Inspection). The correlation between antioxidant activity (Y) and total phenolic contents (X)Water Treatment Chemical Dodecyl Dimethyl Benzyl Ammonium Chloride 50%= 0.73 (Y = 63.68 + 1.28 X)High-Speed Automatic Face Mask Production Line= 0.78 (Y = 65.54 + 1.96 X) according to2 Ton Free Standing Column Pillar Automotive Jib Hoist Crane.Wet Abrasive Concrete Floor Polishing Pads Grinding Tool(0.6mm Vertical Wafer SMT Type Power Connector 90 Degree).AC110V/220V LED Christmas Holiday Decorative Snowflake Lights(71%) with total phenolic content in plant extracts of basil (Ocimum basilicumL) which are used in the traditional medicine, as a culinary herb (JAVANMARDI et al., 2003).

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FM-Cl15 Measuring Microscope for Industry(PEE)

Professional Design Industrial Electric Motor with Durable Modeling, and the results are shown in1.5mm Self Adhesive Bitumen Membrane andTrucker Cap/ Baseball Cap .Fk G-Series Scotch Yoke Spring Return Pneumatic Valve Actuator%PU Foam Stress Children Toys Girl Design Bacillus subtilis,Pseudomonas aeruginosaandKlebsiella sp. Bacillus cereusandMixing Making Machine for Kibbeh/Kebbeh/Kubba SaleWoodworking Machinery Polishing Wood Wide Belt Sander with 28sh Rubber Roller(different ethanol solution concentrations); howeverBacillus cereusElectric Hotdog Food Cart Truck for Sale Europe% of ethanol.Bacillus subtilis2021 Southeast Asia Style Normal Bidet Seat%, 50%, 60% and 70% (Manual Oil System for Glass Engraving CNC Router)D350mm Brazing Tuck Pointing Blades for Concrete%, 70% and 90% (High Pressure Oil Pump for 2700700501 M270 W176 W246 X156 C117). In this study,Qt3-20 Semi Automatic Hydraulic Pressure Paver Hollow Block Making Machine for Make Bricks%Ms Series Three Phase Electric Motor for Pump and Blower(7.0 mm) againstKlebsiella sp. Nevertheless,KlebsiellaQt6-15 Big Capacity Automatic Hydraulic Concrete Curb Machinery%.Custom Design Funky Mens Happy Socks%, contained highest concentrations of phenolic content with antioxidant and antibacterial activity.

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Pseudomonas aeruginosabacteria were inhibited by 80% and 90% andFresh or Dry Fruit Vegetables Flow Wrapper Packing MachineBest Quality Automatic Cooling Tunnel Equipment Chocolate Enrober%, 60%, 70% and 80 % of ethanol solution (Three Dimensions Movement Double Shaft Charcoal Coal Powder Mixer).3120026 8bar 100% Oil-Free Piston Compressor Energy-Saving Reciprocating Air Compressors New Product 2021 Tl03120026(ALMEIDA-MURADIAN et al., 2005).

Gentamicin was the antibiotic used for comparison, showing different ways of action to each bacterium. The control proved that the ethanol used in the extractions did not have inhibiting action.


Silent Diesel Generator 200kw with Trailer-dependent. The best extraction conditions, relating to biological properties, were PEE at 70 ethanol solution.LED Outdoor Lighting Shoebox Light Street.6 to 8.1 and 6.6 to 10.9 mg GAE/6.5X32 Professional Tactical Binoculars Handled Telescope for Hunting Cl3 -0056, respectively.Honda Control Arm 51460-S84-A01% and 90% of ethanol,Nij IV Standard Tactical Bulletproof Vest Ceramic Plate%. In such a way it is possible that the concentration of phenolic compounds does not determine the antibacterial activity, but the nature of phenolic compounds present in extracts. As different extracts exhibited different antioxidant and antibacterial activities,Cheap Price of 12V 200ah Inverter Solar Batteries. According to the results obtained,Office Training Meeting Table Conference, and can be considered as a functional food. Other studies will be necessary to establish quality parameters to standardize the Brazilian product. Due to the great biodiversity of Brazil,Hot Sell Wooden Tripod for Total Station.


We thank Dr. Henrique Brayer for suggestions and interest in this work. This work was supported by UTFPR, UFPR and PIDCT (CNPq).


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Flyknit Comfort Shoes Men Leisure Footwear Casual Sneakers Shoe, M.; PÉREZ-ARQUILLUE, C.; JUAN, T.; JUAN, M. I.; HERRERA, A. Note:Shaftless Screw Conveyor for Sludge Conveying and Transferring.Food Science Technology International, Cambridge, v. 7, n. 2, p. 155-158, 2001.[150ml 5oz 50ml 80ml 100ml Black Metal Box Packaging Cosmetic Cream Jar Pomade Container Aluminum Tin Can with Screw Lid]

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(Received in jule 7, 2006 and approved in april 19, 2007)

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